Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pro Pallet Breaker Tool

Why is the Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pro Pallet Buster is So Effective…Pallet Buster Review

The Deluxe Pallet Buster is a great addition to maintenance and construction facilities. The steel design is robust for daily use and harsh conditions.

Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily

  • For best use, place the head of the buster under a plank of the pallet and simply push down on the handle. While the handle moves down, the head will lift up and release the pallet plank effortlessly.
  • Reduce the amount of time disassembling pallets and spend more time on creating your new project.

Pallet Tool

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Articulating head gently removes pallet boards without breaking or splitting the wood

The head will tilt as pressure is applied evenly on both sides of the board.  This will allow the board to be lifted evenly without breaking or splitting the wood.  Reduce the amount of time disassembling pallets and spend more time on creating your new project.

Features durable construction for added strength and long life

  • The Vestil SKB-VLX is made of heavy duty steel. It weighs about 12 lbs and comes with a 41″ handle that gives you the leverage to “pop” the boards with very little effort.
  • Articulating head provides equal pressure to board.

Pallet Buster Tool

Vestil Pallet Buster – Get yours here !

What Others Are Saying about the Vestil SKB-VLX Pallet Buster….

” I  don’t leave a lot of reviews, but this great tool deserves one. For breaking down pallets and not destroying the wood this is THE TOOL!!! I have broken down several types of pallets with this tool and every time it has amazed me with the results over every other method I have seen. The only advise I can give is try to center the swiveling plates on the board you are going to remove, and do the outside boards first and then the center.”  Peter K.

“I could not be happier with this pallet buster. I was previously using a combination of a saw, hammer and crow bar and it was probably taking me 20-30 minutes per pallet of screwing around to get it taken apart. This pallet buster has allowed me to get most pallets completely deconstructed in under 5 minutes. Plus, and just as important, I’m not wasting wood. Despite what I saw others say, I could never get each slat of wood off without damage. Or I’d just get frustrated and cut each piece short. Not anymore – it’s rare when I can’t get a pallet apart with each slate intact.”  Sammy

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Final Verdict: Is the Vestil Pallet Buster Worth it?

Answer: YES!

Pallet Buster Tool

Bottom Line:

  1. It’s very easy to use.
  2. It will save you alot of time.
  3. It will not damage your wood.
  4. And it is made of heavy duty Steel to last a lifetime.

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Vestil Pallet Buster F.A.Q’s

Q: Where is the pallet buster for sale?

A: You can order the pallet disassembly tool directly here:

Q: Will this disassemble large wooden crates?

A: Absolutely!!! I bust wooden crates and wooden pallets all the time.  I got mine here:

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